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Two Unravelled Chicks & a Llama
120 Thompson Dr.
Norman, OK 73069
405.985.9464  /    LOGIN

The little shop with big attitude that specializes in teaching the world to be dangerous with two sticks and a piece of string!

Well, sometimes there is just no excuse! But in this case, it was a tame idea gone wild.

Two Unravelled Chicks & a Llama is a mobile yarn boutique (Yarn Truck) that grew into a retail boutique before it even opened -- so, now we have both! We are based out of Norman, OK.

We specialize in encouraging (daring) people to be dangerous with two sticks and a piece of string! Yeah, we run with scissors, add peppers without tasting, and drive cross country without nav too!

We may not be totally there. We may walk to the tune of our own drums (probably off beat still). We may even be eccentric (and have our own imaginary menagerie), but we aren’t completely unhinged. We leave that to the llama and her drama.

We might be online, we might be little (for now), we are most certainly not tame, and we are mobile (by choice) — we are your LYS and we will always appreciate you. We want your business and we want to listen to what you want


For the latest happenings, or to find ELLie (our yarn truck) when she's out and about - check our website, or follow:



We don’t do bags ever – don’t ask….. nope, we really don’t do bags…we don’t…seriously, there’s none hiding back there….it’s a personal choice….because we said, so….it’s a green, hippy, tree-hugging, animal loving, sorta thing….please don’t yell at us for not having bags….it won’t make any magically appear…. we won’t apologize for our choices…it will be awkward….and people will wonder about you….people already wonder about us, so that odd blank stare on our faces won’t seem odd at all to them. They understand karma …. it can be good…it can be bad…don’t walk past any llamas.

For Real: Please bring your own tote bag (earn some good karma).

For purchases of $125 or more, we provide FREE SHIPPING – within Oklahoma, our clientele have the choice for free pickup at one of our venues, or pickup sites (different sites / different days). Home delivery (within the OKC metro) is an option for a fee.