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Two Unravelled Chicks & a Llama
120 Thompson Dr.
Norman, OK 73069
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The little shop with big attitude that specializes in teaching the world to be dangerous with two sticks and a piece of string!
Are you ready to level up your skills?  Are you ready to challenge yourself?

You may be ready for one of our classes if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You have no desire to cuss a blue streak at your project.
  • You have not frogged a project three times.
  • You have not thrown a project across the room lately.
  • You have not "accidentally" laid a project down for your fur baby to ruin.
  • You have not taken scissors to a project lately.
  • You have no projects in timeout indefinitely
  • You have not donated a project to a charitable cause lately.
  • Everyone in your house is not hiding because you sat down to knit.

  • You feel like an adventure!
  • You want to feel alive!
  • You want to live on the edge!
  • You feel the need ... the need for speed! uh..wait...that's a movie!


Tunisian Crochet in the Round

Cost: $ 45.00