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Two Unravelled Chicks & a Llama
120 Thompson Dr.
Norman, OK 73069
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2020 is closed for the year!

Please check back in November when we will open up enrollment for 2021

Being a member our community in our tranquil & serene surroundings (really????!!!!) that you've spit out your coffee (and wet yourself laughing) let's just scratch that.

Cult of the LLama is a fun time to be had for all. We are not demanding loyalty, penance, purity, etc.... Although, at least a few of us believe that there is always some llama watching us. Hey, we've all seen Toy Story!

So, what is this Cult of the LLama thing, if it's not a real cult. It's our way of building community and having fun. It gives you a way to knit along with others, de-stash, and be a little competitive if you want.

  • There will be 13 projects to complete -- 12 smaller and one large project. Some will be challenging and some will be just for fun.
  • You may choose to de-stash, purchase a kit (or yarn) from our store.
  • If you de-stash you will be given recognition for the completions in the way of our monthly videos (and you may purchase the swag).
  • If you purchase your kit (yarn) from us then the swag is free.
  • You must complete all 13 projects to be eligible to purchase / or be given the t-shirt.
  • You do not have to finish each project by the end of the month -- you just have to finish (within reason -- not 20 years from now).
  • There will be 13 enamel pins, one (1) travel mug, one project bag, and a t-shirt -- these may be earned, purchased, or purchased at a pro-rated price according to your choices.
    • Purchase your kits/yarns from TUC&aL -- Swag is free
    • Completely de-stash - you may purchase the swag at full price
    • Partial purchase from TUC&aL / partial de-stash
      • On the months that you de-stash you may purchase the enamel pins at full price
      • The travel mug, project bag, and t-shirt will be pro-rated according to how many months you purchase your yarn from TUC&aL
  • As with any marathon there are those who like competition; therefore, there will four (4) prizes -- Best of Show, LLama's Choice, Shop Favorite, Best New Artist (new crafter under one year experience).

Basic Rules & Guidelines

You can easily become a card carrying member of the Cult of the LLama by signing up (and it's free)! You do not have to be local to join.

  • Sign up no later than Feb 1st.
  • If you plan to purchase the kits, they will be listed on the website (or you can visit the store) - there will be a link available on this page.
  • Check back here for updated information regarding the annual & monthly projects.
  • Attempt to finish your monthly projects no later than one month late.
  • You may crochet, Tunisian crochet, knit, weave, machine knit, or use a loom on your projects.
  • Do not start your projects earlier than the 1st of each month.