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In our never-ending quest to help makers with their various fiber-related addictions, we are offering a subscription that provides a new pair of knitting needles every month throughout 2020. If you are baffled by the choices in needles, or have only used one particular kind, this is your chance to try out different types and find which one works the best for you. No brand or type will be repeated, so you will get a full spectrum of the various needles available for your experimenting!
Every addict needs a good stash of sticks. Get yours now!

How the subscription works:
  • Five, six pick up your sticks at the shop or have them delivered to your door.
  • Seven. eight, lay them straight ....
  • You will be automatically billed on the 16th of every month -- $ 15 per month for pick-up subscriptions, $ 24 per month for delivery subscriptions.
  • You will receive an email each month when your sticks are ready for pick-up or have been mailed out.
  • Enjoy experimenting with your new sticks!

Sign up now as it will close January 15!